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Days go on and my love for graphic design only grows. As we look at the world around us, inspiration and art comes from every which way. From mixing the studies of typography to doodles on a piece of paper my designs incorporate a lot of process and research. By channeling into my deeper mind, I turn to meditation to start my design process. In a relaxed state of mind is where I excel with my ideas in which turn into my designs that I create my most innovative works.
I love to express my creativity to show my emotion through various types of visual communication. While being very much connected to nature, I use it as an inspiration in my designs. Although nature is very organic, I find myself designing clean minimalistic inspired art. I tend to show a sense of amusable and positive aspects in the design. For example in many of my works, there is always an underlying message, usually with a positive meaning. My self portrait is showing how connecting with nature and how vital honey bees are to our lives, but also shows me questioning society. Through my knowledge in typography, which is key to a successful design, my artistic compositions have visual impact on the viewer. I view letters and words as a part of the art, which is helps create a much more powerful composition. My main focus is with branding and packaging, but am very sharing with the wide variety of designs I create. Visually communicating the message effectively is a key to a successful design.
Art is a way to express yourself and what you view around you. When mixing the shapes, colors, and patterns of the world with the abstraction of imagination, endless creativity is created. Along with the world, many artists have inspired me along my life to better develop my work. I find myself more intrigued by the works of Milton Glaser. Anything from his symbolic logos to psychedelic posters, his work has very much inspired me as a designer. The interesting poster of Bob Dylan shows the ways he incorporate cleanliness, but still giving it that creative spark and attractiveness. Aaron Draplin is another great artist who that have shown influence through my work. The logos and symbols he creates are very much unique with his own effective style. As long as the Earth continues to rotate, my dedication for graphic design will continue to grow and influence the design culture. I hope to make an impact that will positively affect the community and bring design to a new peak. As I grow older, I only grow more creative with my ideas.

Lava Labs


Tampa, FL

“Live to love and let go while we’re still around, Keep our earth in your soul and your sole to the ground.”

Mihali Savoulidis